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Oct 1

Cats, Dogs and Sex

You are probably wondering what in the world am I talking about.  This is a little bit of humor to add to your day about sharing those intimate moments you may have with you husband, wife, significant other, or partner and your pet.  Just use your imagination.

There are those moments that you have friends over for a party or picnic and the family dog decides to hump someone.  It happens; they just want to get in on the good time too.  Or someone brings over their dog or dogs to visit, and the two dogs start humping each other in front of guests.  They are just showing off because you can’t do it in front of guests.  What’s better is you have two dogs and they decide to do a little show for your guests.  Hey, it’s free entertainment.

Than there are the times your dog decides to hump the cat.  Now that scene I have witnessed at my house and at client’s homes.  But at my house it is my lab Casey who weighs 85 pounds tries to mount a 10 pound cat named Camaro.  Why?  Who knows, it just happens.  FYI: Casey is a female and so is Camaro.  Whatever.

Than you will have those romantic moments with your partner, which may be interrupted by the family pet and I will give you some examples.

You are sitting on the sofa together both in the spur of the moment mood when all of the sudden out of the corner of your eye, you look over and the dog is sitting there looking at you like “what the hell are you two doing?” and “why aren’t you paying attention to me?!”

You’re cuddling in bed at night with your partner and the “moment is just right” and you roll over onto the cat that happens to be sleeping under the covers unknown to you.  That’s a little bit of a surprise. Or you go to get into bed with your loved one and the covers start moving.  Could be scary!

You could always roll over on a dog bone the dog has buried in the bed or a squeak toy.  That is good for a quick laugh.

In the heat of the moment you may be sharing with someone, when all of sudden the cat has decided to get into bed and make a nest in-between your legs or worse on your back.  Umh. This could be a little uncomfortable especially if the cat decides to start performing unwanted “acupuncture” treatment on your or your partners bare skin.  Or worse they decide to start licking you.  Hey, it can happen.

Than there could be those moments that after the rush of intimacy you realize you had an “audience” and the dog is laying there looking at the two of you like “why were you making all that noise?”  “Are you OK?” and you get pawed at.  Gotta love it!

It is moments like these that you just have to laugh because it is what makes owning a pet entertaining.  They bring joy in so many ways that you can’t count them all. 

So always check the bed before getting into it, and maybe next time, you should shut the bedroom door!

Have a Great Day!

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